Little Bird Cacao & Superfoods Grawnola 350gm

Little Bird Cacao & Superfoods Grawnola 350gm

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Little Bird Cacao & Superfoods Grawnola - with an amazingly super medley of Maca?(contains Iron & B?Vitamins),?Goji berry?(contains Iron & B Vitamins), Mesquite?(contains Iron, Magnesium), and Acai berry?(contains?Iron, Vitamin E & Magnesium)! Little Bird Cacao & Superfoods Grawnola is the ultimate start to the day. Who said you couldn't have?chocolate for breakfast? Our Grawnola is hand-made in small batches. We sprout buckwheat and?sunflower seeds, dehydrate and blend with chia, dates and some of natures finest superfoods.

Grawnola is packed with nutrition so a little goes a long. Start small, you can always have a second,?(or third) bowl. We suggest a serving size of 50g. Best served with your favourite nut milk, or any?other that you enjoy. You can also eat it like a trail mix, anytime you need a superfoods boost.

Ingredients: Sprouted buckwheat*, Dates, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds*,?Coconut Crystals*a€?,?Currants*, Cacao*(4%),?Cacao Nibs*(3%), Goji*(2.5%), Chia seeds*, Freezedried Banana*, Maca*(0.6%),?Mesquite*(0.5%), Maqui*(0.2%), Freezedried Acai Berries*(0.2%), Vanilla Extract*,?Vanilla Bean*, Sea Salt*. ?

*Certified Organic Ingredients a€?Ingredient not raw May Contain: ?Traces of Sesame Seed, Traces of Tree Nuts

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