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What System Is Being Used For Industrial Cooling Tower Construction?

Industrial cooling tower construction and design needs to go hand in hand. Good news for industrialists is that it does. In setting up new industrial premises or refurbishing an existing site, industrial property owners or company owners will be utilizing a full program of professional industrial cooling tower services. The question that was asked at the outset was related to what system will be used to design, manufacture and install industrial use cooling towers.

It is the Marley system of premier cooling technologies that is being used. This system is able to engineer appropriate systems for industrialists’ locations, able to work with a range of sizes, quality and reliability. Added to that, advanced tech cooling solutions are being utilized. These include the design, manufacture and installation of induced draft towers, natural draft towers and counter-flow towers. Crossflow towers are also being created.

Other technological processes being implemented include packaged induced draft fluid cooling, forced draft fluid cooling and plume abatement technology. The design, manufacture and installation of cooling towers can only be carried out by professionally trained and qualified technicians. There will be industrial and federal codes of conduct to abide by. Onsite technicians are following CTI and ASME guidelines, as the case may be for the site.

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Commensurate to this service, there is a commitment in place to deliver highest standards of accuracy and quality. From a risk manager’s vantage point, the industrialist can appreciate how important these standards are. For the startup industrialist, the process begins with a guided consultation on selecting the appropriate cooling tower. Associated configurations and products also need to be appropriately selected, also contributing towards the industrialist keeping startup costs to a minimum.

The Marley system provides an online tool for startup guidance.